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Wind power - Global installed capacity

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wind farm In 2008, cumulative installed wind power capacity increased nearly 29% worldwide which is the highest gain of all renewable energy sectors. At the close of 2008, three-quarters of the nearly 121 GW of the world’s wind generating capacity was operating in the IEA Wind member countries. In the IEA Wind member countries, 17,000 MW was added in 2008 for a total of close to 92 GW of generating capacity. Electrical production from wind energy also heavily increased by more than 25% in IEA giving great boost to new investments and future wind projects. Located in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Pacific Region, the member countries are sharing information and research efforts to increase the contribution of wind energy to their electrical generation mix. Though this electricity production seems big it accounted only 2% of the total electrical demand in the reporting IEA Wind member countries, however this is still step ahead compared to 1.6% in 2007.

The percentage in total energy demand from wind power is growing steadily even in this time of global recession so once economies around to globe start to recover we can expect even better data. Of course problem of cost-competiveness and high instalation costs in some part of the world still present hurdle to wind energy revolution but this current data gives more than enough room for some optimism. Energy experts and scientists will also have to work on solutions on how to improve wind energy efficiency and ensure smaller energy losses during periods in which winds are incosistent but wind energy definitely looks as renewable energy source with very brigh future.

Down below is the table with data about major wind power producing countries. Though US leads the way it has to be said that US is still not using wind energy on big enough scale to present a real threat to dominant fossil fuels and there is still lot of room for improvement in US wind energy sector. Germany and Spain are much better examples of exploiting wind energy, especially Germany where wind energy is one of the most important energy sectors that has a significant share in total energy demand in Germany. As you can also see China and India, two fast developing economies have also started developing their wind energy sector, though this is still far behind actual wind energy potential in these countries.

Wind Power - Worldwide Installed Capacity for 2008:

  Country Installed capacity (MW)
1. United States 25,369
2. Germany 23,902
3. Spain 16,740
4. China 12,200
5. India 9,645
6. Italy 3,736
7. France 3,387
8. United Kingdom 3,331
9. Denmark 3,163
10. Portugal 2,819
11. Canada 2,369
12. Netherlands 2,214
13. Japan1,880
14. Australia1,306
15. Sweden1,047
16. Ireland 1,002
17. Austria 995
18. Greece 990
19. New Zealand 468
20. Norway 430
21. Poland 405
22. Belgium 384
23. Turkey 383
24. Egypt 365
25. Brazil 336
26. South Korea236
27. Taiwan 224
28. Bulgaria158
29. Finland143
30. Morocco 134
31. Czech Republic 133
32. Hungary 127
33. Costa Rica 92
34. Ukraine 90
35. Mexico 85
36. Estonia78
37. Iran67
38. Caribbean 57
39. Tunisia54
40. Lithuania52
41. Luxembourg35
42. Philippines33
43. Argentina30
44. Latvia27
45. Pacific Islands24
46. Colombia 20
47. Chile 20
48. Uruguay18
49. Croatia17
50. Switzerland14
51. Russia11
52. Romania10
53. Reunion (France) 10
54. Others (<10 MW)38
  World Total120,903

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