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EWEA – European Wind Energy Association
Ewea is organization that promotes wind energy – it actively promotes wind energy in Europe and across the world. Companies that are members of this organization cover 98 % of world market that is linked with technologies oriented to wind energy use.
European Commission for New and Renewable Energies
Commission for new and renewable EU energy sources. This site informs public about their activities and the general EU political opinions.


California Energy Commission – LNG
This is the site where you can read experts opinion about LNG influence on California. All influences are thoroughly explained, advantages and disadvantages, and also problems with LNG exploit.
FlowTech Energy
Fluid end parts are the parts of a mud pump for oil drilling purposes available in various options. The parts are required for heat treatment.



Interesting energy facts
Interesting facts about energy sources, energy news and energy articles. Quick energy facts on all significant energy sources: renewable and non-renewable.
Energy statistics blog
US energy statistics and energy statistics from around the globe.


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